AMATSU - Japanese Soft Tissue Therapy

from Jennifer M Baker, SBRCP - Senior Practitioner

What is Amatsu?

Amatsu is a fusion of ancient Japanese philosophy and western core science. It has its roots in traditional Japanese natural medicine. It is a "hands on" soft tissue therapy which supports and encourages the body's own natural ability to correct and realign injuries through soft tissue massage. It re-patterns the structure of bones, ligaments and major organs resulting in balance and harmony within your body. Your body has an amazing ability to self-heal and Amatsu helps it to do this.

Who is Amatsu for and what does it do?


Amatsu is suitable for men, women and children of all ages including babies, pregnant ladies, menopausal ladies, elderly people, etc. It will address any problem in the body, i.e. neck restrictions; frozen shoulder; hip, foot and knee; sciatica; back problems; sports injuries; arthritis; stress; insomnia; headaches; migraines; blood pressure (high/low); pre-menstrual tension, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, infertility problems, etc.

Clinical evidence has shown cranial balancing to be particularly beneficial in the treatment of Arthritis; tension; Dyslexia; Sinusitis; pain in pregnancy; concentration; eye-strain; Headaches and Migraines.

Pain signals can be referred to almost anywhere in your body. Organ dysfunction can be referred to the muscles and joints of your body e.g. heart problems to your chest and left arm; gall bladder to your left shoulder; liver to your neck, eyes and upper back. The problem is not necessarily in the part of your body that feels the pain. Amatsu restores normal function by bringing the body's own healing system into play. Amatsu soft tissue massage restores normal function by bringing the body's own healing system into play. It balances the physical, mental and emotional in order to gain optimum health using different techniques such as:

  • Soft tissue massage
  • Mobilisation
  • Re-patterning
  • Re-alignment
  • Cranial balancing