AMATSU - Japanese Soft Tissue Therapy

from Jennifer M Baker, SBRCP - Senior Practitioner

What is expected during the treatment?

The client is given a full assessment and treatment during the first Consultation period of one hour. Subsequent Amatsu sessions are of 45 minutes duration. The client remains fully clothed apart from removing items such as belts, watches, glasses, necklaces, etc.

Amatsu begins the session with key acupressure points being stimulated naturally (without the use of needles). Problem areas, such as muscle weaknesses are detected using muscle reflex testing. Corrections are then made to the problem areas, which work with the body to self-heal. Clients should then notice an immediate difference as the "weak muscles" will now have become "strong muscles". At the end of the Amatsu session your whole body will be re-patterned, re-aligned, strengthened and balanced.